The Blindness of Social Wealth

Bob Hall was a rancher. In 1936, in the midst of the Depression, he was suffering from a cancer that was eating the flesh on the side of his face. His ranch had dwindled to nearly nothing, and weeks after bankers took the last of his livestock, Hall died, leaving his family deeply in debt.
His sons pleaded with anybody they could find to make a loan and save the family ranch. No one would do it. Finally, in desperation, they went to their neighbor, Buzz Newton, who was known for his miserliness, and asked him to co-sign a loan. “I always thought so much of your dad; he was the most generous man I have known,” Newton answered. “Yes, I’ll co-sign the note.”
Bob Hall’s grandson, also named Robert Hall, drew out the lesson in his book “This Land of Strangers,” noting: “The truth is, relationships are the most valuable and value-creating resource of any society. They are our lifelines to survive, grow and thrive.”
There’s a mountain of evidence suggesting that the quality of our relationships has been in steady decline for decades. In the 1980s, 20 percent of Americans said they were often lonely. Now it’s 40 percent. Suicide rates are now at a 30-year high. Depression rates have increased tenfold since 1960, which is not only a result of greater reporting.

Most children born to mothers under 30 are born outside of marriage. There’s been a steady 30-year decline in Americans’ satisfaction with the peer-to-peer relationships at work.




*18-Yr-Old 🇰🇪Kenyan Athlete Goes Missing in 🇦🇺Australia*

Kenyan boxer Brian Agina is reported to have gone missing at the Commonwealth Games village in Gold Coast Australia. Agina is said to have gone missing on Sunday night, hours after the closure of the games.

He is the first Kenyan athlete to have gone missing at the games, adding to the number of athletes who went missing early on. Cases of African athletes going missing at the games had been reported early on, with Cameroonians, Ugandans etc.


A quick reminder for the readership Challenge. We have a list to choose from.

  1. Think Big by Ben Carson
  2. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
  3. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Readership Challenge

First, I must apologize for the long silence. I almost gave this up,  but I’m back. Fully back. You’ve got me.


Yes! As a part of everyday lives,  we need to keep up with a readership Challenge. That’s one of the things this blog will be dedicated to,  henceforth. For a start,  I have books such as Daniel Goldman’s Emotional Intelligence, Ben Carson’s Think Big and Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.  Which do you prefer?  Let’s do this fam. It’s gonna be huge fun. I can’t wait to hear from you all.

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A Nomination for the Mystery Blogger Award

I have been offline for some days now due to certain reasons. In summary, I was bereaved,  but the burial is over now and I’m back on track. 

With great pleasure, I write this piece. I have been nominated for the mystery blogger Award and my greatest appreciation goes to Arisjade,  my blogger friend. Thanks so much for honouring me this way. The Mystery Blogger Award  is a way of introducing bloggers’ contents to one another.

“an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts.  Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates.  They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get.  This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion.”   -Okoto Enigma, creator

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Answering Arisjade‘s Questions,

 1. What country do you live in?


2. What makes someone a good friend?

When he/she genuinely cares for you. When they want you to be a better person. They go out of their way to get something done for you. 

3. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Wow! I need to scan… Hmmmm… Yeah!!!  It was the end of year party in class 3. Mother had bought an angelic gown (made out of white fabrics with a touch of pink)  for my sister and I. There was a part made of net that falls right behind our feet. Everyone got drawn to us.  We felt so special,  you know. Teachers even picked us out because of our dresses,  we felt so great as the day lingered on.

4. Do you have any special talents?

Yes. You’ve got to pay for this. *winks*

5. If you could meet anyone who ever lived, who would it be and why?

Hegel… To make him take me to the height of his infinite intelligence 

3 Things About Me

1. I am an ambivert

2. I just graduated from College with First Class Hons in Theatre and Performing Arts. 

3. I am an activist for Girls and women


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4. Truthfully discribe how you felt when your name appeared on this post?

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As required, I have added a link to my best post, Staying Healthy in a Relationship. To read, click here.

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The dissappearance of something once held
The usefulness of nothing 
Like the façade of a mad man, 
Vanity is the hope of taming the air

A dust-made creation of God

A being of the spirit, soul and body
In the image of God he is made 
Human is being alive in flesh

Strong desire to achieve something

Storms of life assail 
Like a façade of glorious outcome
Ambition: plan of a future yet to surface

Oh! What an act of passing away

The eraser of life on earth 
Like a beetle whose lava bores into wood
Death is the termination of existence 

A plan for the future yet unknown

While death patiently awaits human at a point undisclosed
Then, execution is perfected 

In the face of death,  human ambition becomes vain

Death!  Yet a mystery,  
takes whosoever

To be someone in life 

is the order of the way
BSC, Ph. D…are the certificates acquired
In death,  there are no escorts needed

A movement from existence to extinction

The human ambition is paralysed in the face of death,
As the dust-made creation returns to dust.



You are a man driven by words
Words intended to showcase intelligence 
The book smarts and socially sharps,          You choose friendship from this table.

Then, my  wittiness struck you,
You took me home to be your girl,
Your girl is now an old story,
You say she’s an incomplete package.

In the course of our many endeavours,
In loud and intellectual conversations,
With solemn and plausible retrospections,
You discover mere words are barely enough.

One loophole after another ,
The unveiling of a complete human,
Eureka!  The discovery of self,
I am just as incomplete as your ex.


Darkness (Part 3): The Tale of a Devastated World. 

Again, I lost details of how long I sat there. But the sun had subsided when a group of soldiers arrived and spoke through a megaphone.

We will like everyone to line up here” Yet, it seems like nobody heard him

I repeat, we need everyone on a file. Mothers should hold on to their children on this line and men should be on the other line”


The message was a command, therefore everyone ran to make the lines according to the instruction given. Another soldier arrived and gave an additional information.

If you have no number, come with me” lots of people followed him.

We were told to be calm until the streets are safe for us to go to. There is a 24hours curfew for now and no one should falter. I didn’t know how I managed to hear those words but I was sure of what the soldiers meant. The secondary school in the army barracks was of great help because it served as lodge for some people.

It was getting dark already and the barracks was already filled to the brim. People pitched their tents in the open fields when the school couldn’t contain us all. I moved slowly but searchingly. Looking at people relating in units. I searched for dad, mum, and Pedetin. I encountered a woman trying to pull 5 of her children together. Several thoughts crossed my mind and wondered where they all are presently. 

I noticed that everyone including the kids wore a tag with a big number around the neck like chained dogs. I looked down on mine with the print ‘refugee 86’. I wondered if they had printed this before the incident or, well, I don’t know. 

I walked past people once again and I felt that I do not belong here. I have not even seen someone I know or maybe can’t recollect faces. I saw strangers and strangers they were. Some soldiers arrived in a truck and instructed that people line up for dinner. Women struggled to get on queue and for a while argued about who got to what position first. I wondered if they had this all planned out. For heaven’s sake, the food will go round, I concluded. The tag was a permit to get fed. A soldier was giving out bread while another was giving out water. 

I closely watched a woman who got hers and quickly held up her baby’s hand to get one too. This is comedy I guess. But is it really comedy? She is a nursing mother for crying out loud. What will remain of her after the baby sucks her dry? All these while, I wasn’t on any queue because the drama around the collection itself was food for my soul. 

Some soldiers made campfires and sat round it. I saw a man fanning his sleeping children. I pitied him more than I did for myself. Where on earth is their mother? Poor man. He didn’t even stand up to get bread and water for his children at least. The man laid beside his children and slept off too. Everyone was busy eating, moving around or doing one thing or another. Then, I saw this young man who tried to steal from the man fanning his kids. He had moved like he was part of the family, sat beside the sleeping man and gradually removed the man’s wallet. 

I couldn’t hold this anymore, I dashed towards him like lightening being pursued by thunder. The young man was smarter I guess. I can’t remember what he did or how he did it but in the twinkle of an eye, he changed the story and I became the thief. 

That night was spent all alone in the guardroom with mosquitoes as guests. I just felt Iike ending it all. Life worth it no more. I didn’t sleep all through the night, not because I decided not to sleep, but it wasn’t my decision to make. It was that of the mosquitoes. I was released the next morning and told never to repeat such act to which I accepted repentance genuinely. 

I overheard the soldiers saying that the curfew is now 12 hours and that it’s effective from 6-6. So, I concluded that it should be 6p.m to 6a.m, that’s the only logical time frame. I wasn’t sure of the time presently, but judging from the face of the sky, the time should be about 8a.m.

I walked straight to the gate unsure of where I was heading to. I strolled past the soldiers and was waiting for them to stop me but nothing happened, so immediately I passed the gates, I took to my heels. I trekked a great distance and discovered burnt cars, shops and houses. So many structures have been pulled down. Fear gripped me to my soul when I started to notice that the streets were bright, yet dark. They were relatively quiet. It was like a bright middle of the night. 

Soon, I approached a junction which was watched over by soldiers. There are no moving cars or motorbikes on the road except for the army convoy.  I walked behind some shops and hid behind a structure. I peeped at the soldiers through the broken fence of a burnt building. Six people were involved in frog jump and the soldiers were at alert, it became dawned on me that the curfew was still very valid and those people broke the rule. 

I heard the sound of a motorcycle from my back. A soldier rode towards me and I rolled on my back towards a close dunghill. He drove past without noticing me. I decided to move away from the vicinity. But the more I moved into the heart of the town, the more unsecured I felt. 

I maintained a great distance from the major road and walked in between remains of burnt cars, motorbikes and houses. Suddenly, I heard what seems to be an uproar ahead of me. I wasn’t sure what it was but it seems like some soldiers are trying to control a violent crowd. 

I wondered what was happening over there and I wasn’t ready to witness more scenarios. Coincidentally, everything turned gray and I began to feel dizzy. Looking around. I discovered that I was standing in front of a restaurant. So, I took the broken table in front of it for a couch.

I must have been day dreaming or maybe the reality of my environment crept into my subconscious. First, different feet moved past me in darkness. Then, I saw a procession of elderly people in red, and black outfits. They really scared me. I began to wonder about the kind of activity that was going on, such that will be referred to as obscure. Then, a woman on white appears, sprinkling water with palm fronds from a calabash. It seems like a purification rite. I looked away, not knowing exactly what’s going on, in town, barracks and everywhere.

I lost track of time and day. Someone must have carried me, from wherever they saw me. But I viewed the barracks once again, from the back of an army van. I discovered its days now without Dad, Mum, and Pedetin. Maybe I should have waited in there for them to arrive just as others. Maybe I should not have suffered myself to go through the blight. I was so tired and dirty looking.

 I was definitely worn out that I fell to the ground the moment I dropped from the bus. A soldier walked towards me and grabbed me by the arm while others remain unmoved. He dragged me up and placed a tag on me. I looked down on my chest and saw the inscription, ‘refugee 2731’, in great pain as I stood, I struggled to keep my eyes opened against shutting unto darkness.

                                                The End. 


Darkness (Part 2): The Tale of a Devastated World. 

In an attempt to cross the road back the same way I came, someone hits my arm where I have the cut, and the pains came all over again, with full force. I found myself on the ground, gnashing my teeth in agony and for that moment, I forgot mum, Dad, even Pedetin. In fact, I became oblivious of the situation. I groaned in pain. Sanity returned when a hand touched me from behind and I stood up in anxiety.


Oh no! It was a soldier man who was busy dragging people into a van. How come I compared his rough hands with the soft palms of Pedetin? I struggled with him.

I’ve you seen my sister. No! Don’t take me away”

Get into the Van,”

No, I don’t. I want my sister. ”

“You’re bleeding, you need to get treated”. As he spoke, he never relented in dragging me.

I screamed “Pedetin! Pedetin!!!”

But the soldier showed no pity on me. He didn’t even listen to me. Or maybe he did, because he responded.

Don’t worry, we will definitely pick her up. But you have to go now”

For a second, he made sense. I stopped struggling with him and hopped into the van. But the next moment brought back the gravity of the entire scenario, I screamed so loud that I heard myself no more. The van travelled down several paths and I peeped from the small window searching through the crowd. Suddenly, the van stopped as people were ordered to move down. I discovered that we were brought to an army barracks. 

I actually thought we were going to a hospital. The van made a U-turn and some soldiers put a tag on us as we were ushered into the barracks. I walked in lost in thought, and thought of my loss. I didn’t even know what I was doing but I must have been looking like someone who just heard about his death sentence. In great quietness, I moved to a corner as if in a trance. A moment later, maybe minutes or hours, I can’t be accurate now! I heard a group of people running into the barracks and I watched in awe. 

People continued trooping into the barracks in hundreds. I stood up and walked towards the wailing crowd. I paused and looked through them with a deliberate attention. There she stands. I saw Pedetin just behind the pulling crowd. That soldier was right after all. But there are so many people standing between us. I called out in horrific excitement and ran towards her. More people passed between us. I fixed my gaze on her and stretched out my hands as if she is a foot away. 

I was more than ready to give an embrace. She is soothing to my wound, just the treatment I needed. I was just 2 feets away when someone else came to pull her off. My countenance changed and I increased the pace. This time, I was the one knocking people over without caring what the gravity was. I finally got to her and pulled her away from the person holding her. 

“Pedetin. How did you get here?”

Obviously, she has been crying. She had catarrh dropping from her nostrils, in an attempt to clean her tears with the back of her palm, she rubbed it all over her face. The woman holding her spoke up.

“Who are you? What is it?” She drags her from my grip and continues with her journey. 

I stayed put, just like a statue in a museum, watching the woman take her away. The girl is the woman’s daughter. I had mistaken her for Pedetin. Now, watching her again, I could see clearly that I misidentified the girl’s height, hair, stature and even clothe. I remained still in my bent position with an outstretched hand. I disappointed myself greatly. 

“Pede! Pede! Noooooooooooo” I finally broke down in tears.

                                         …to be continued. 


Darkness (Part 1): The Tale of a Devastated World. 

It was 6a.m on a Monday morning. A typical day of work routine. And instead of a sweet fragrance, the unpleasant smell of burning papers and plastics woke me up. I found my younger sister next to me trying to say something. It’s now smoky and pretty dark. She was crying already. As confused as I was, I stood up from bed dragging her right behind me. We staggered to our parents’ room but could do nothing for the smoke had increased and we have to escape danger. I pulled her and ran out of the apartment, and there we met answers to the questions we never asked.
There were hoodlums around the house. They had set part of our house on fire. I knelt down immediately, holding my sister watchfully. 

“Please, spare us. Please”

One of them came closer and opened the keg he was holding. The smell of petrol escaped into my nostrils. I closed my eyes and held my sister so close that I neither saw nor heard nothing but the mixture of our heart beats. The next thing was the pain of a knife cut on my right arm.

“Stand up and get out of here! Little messiah” 

He broke out in a devilish laughter. 

I opened my eyes. Then, I saw them all; they were 4 in number and are actually guys we meet on the street every day. They were holding knives and axes too. I sat still and looked at him as if trying to comprehend his words, when he carried the gallon of petrol in anger. Pedetin and I sprang to our feet and made quick steps to the gate. By the time we got to the street, it was grave quiet but with smokes here and there, except for a bit of distant noises. And of course, damaged buildings everywhere. 

Then, we heard a group of people running towards our direction, they sounded like angry mobs. I quickly pulled Pedetin into the gutter and hid beneath. From their footstep, they should be about 15 people charging violently as they run pass us. Some of them even stood on the gutter where we hid before moving on. We held our breathes, every single second. And when we thought it was over, more actually begun to troop to the street.

We sat there,  locked in one another for about 5hours. Soon,  another group arrived which launched a counter attack. Although, there were no gun shots,  but we clearly heard attacks,  counter attacks and retreating footsteps. 

In great fear, we peeped and jumped out of the gutter. We trekked through a fairly bushy footpaths for about 40 more minutes. Each second of the walk was done in pronounced anxiety for the unknown. We are not aware of the goings-on and neither do we know our destination. We finally got to a major road where we began to feel the tremor of earth. It’s now mid-day. 

The energetic sounds of feet, crackly sounds of strained voices, thunderous sounds of guns and something close to shattering bottles enveloped the air. The sounds, and atmosphere mixes in such manner that one can’t differentiate them all. This was when Pedetin cried out.

“Seyon, I’m tired”

More people leave their wares and run for their lives. Some are confused on what exactly to do, whether to leave their stalls out or pack some with them.  It’s getting smokier and distant sounds seem to get closer. I pushed my way through the crowd dragging Pedetin right behind me. 

“Pedetin, mijalebo, please come along, we can make it out of here” 

She looked apparently scared and coughed out in chokes from the smoke increasing by the minutes. The sun came out in full force as if in support of the entire situation and therefore ready to add to our many pains. But as hot as the sun was, I am not sure if anyone paid attention. People kept running away, and in an attempt to cross the road, my hand slipped off Pedetin’s.

 A man drove his car across the road almost immediately, and like a confused man as the rest, he fidgets on the steering. He parked in the center of the road, leaving the door ajar as he joins the rest in the struggle for survival. I cursed that man in my heart as I screamed her name. I wasn’t sure she will hear me due to the state of chaos characterized by so much noise. But I shouted again.

“Pedetin! Where are you?”

                                        …to be continued. 


Staying Healthy in a Relationship

Some relationships are synonymous with heart attack, high blood pressure, fainting and eventually suicide. Some men claim to be in a relationship but end up receiving tenets for running same relationship from their mothers, thereby, making the lady appear as a ‘tabula rasa’. Although, such is far from my case. My name is Simi and I’m aged 26, outspoken, and with qualities that I believe every man would love.              pexels-photo-613321.jpeg

Recently, I was in a relationship with Gorge Abemi (32), good looking and CEO of a multinational company. Money was not the problem but time and attention were issues to tackle.
One morning, we planned for an outing and I had prepared in no time because of my philosophy which says ‘when your man wants to take you out, don’t waste time, who knows whether it’s a proposal’. Guess what? After all the nice dressings, only for him to call me and say ‘Simi! Listen, there will be a little adjustment to our outing. I will call you for it later’ . Oh! He is cancelling our outing again. I looked around in disappointment. My room is so unkempt with clothes littered everywhere because I was in a hurry to meet up with him. This is the fourth time this week. Bravo!! Just the best way to dodge a girlfriend from another. Or was that not another lady’s voice at the background? Yes! I heard a female voice at the background. Men!! Men cannot be trusted. I concluded.
In no time, I was at his apartment. Good!, I met a woman right beside his car and I found my way through the garden, ignoring the gate man’s greetings and the woman’s glances. In anger, I collided with George who was rushing out. George was shocked to see me, yet, he laughed at my countenance. He tried to hold me but I moved away quickly. He beckoned that I join the train. I was already fuming with anger to ask questions, so, I entered the car and sat on the front seat before the woman could blink. George, in an attempt to apologise, stuttered. So, I told him to ‘shut up and drive’ , even though I had no idea of the destination. Something suggested that I was over reacting, but can you imagine such scenario? I just wanted to be a heroine to all ladies out there. ‘Always fight it out’.
George pulled out of the compound to a slightly busy road, and there was total silence in the car. I kept checking the woman through the rear and made faces. I adjusted rudely as the boss that I was and decided to make a call. The woman’s phone rang so loud that I cried out saying,
“Gush, George, tell her that I need to make a call ”. George concentrated on driving. There was silence again. I went into a dial and end-dial series but each time I dialed, the woman’s phone rang.
After few seconds of deliberation with my inner man, I tapped George on his shoulder and asked “ Is this…Can this… be mum ”. He screwed me down with a glance and asked if I have realized my foolishness. It became dawned on me that I had over reacted. I tried pleading with his mum but George had parked and ordered me to shut up and get out. I moved out, bent down and tried to open the door to the back sit. George flung my bag out and made a U-turn. This is where it ends.

If someone else had narrated this to me I would have rebuked her a lot. For heaven’s sake how won’t you know that the calm woman is your supposed mother-in-law? But if you were in my shoes, what would you have done?
I learnt my lessons and in the process discovered that in every situation, there is need to have good control of one’s emotional state. This is key to every relationship. As a precondition, it is good to have basic understanding of love-life and how it operates – the gallop nature of life which involves ups and downs. Nothing is really rosy all through. No relationship is a perfect example for others to follow through. People who have used certain relationships as their models have regretted their actions. While several others have discovered that many relationships are mere mirages.
In my case, I didn’t ask questions, I just assumed that my guess was perfect. Whereas, communication is vital for any relationship to flourish. There is need to build trust and share thoughts. But these are only possible when you communicate effectively. It is bad to always assume in relationship. Stop assuming. Ask questions.
Come to think of it, when you have no say in a relationship, then, what are you into? Nevertheless, in as much as one’s voice is to be heard, there is need for modesty so that one will not dominate the other. Sometimes, it can get so terrible that he makes you perform a wifely duty such as cooking, washing, love making and I wonder what you will do when you eventually get married legally. On the other hand, if a man realizes that the only time you call is when you need him to take you out with your entourage of friends, cousins, nephew, nieces and acquaintances, he will take to his heels. This is the epitome of an unhealthy relationship.
Please, take time to study your partner and understand his temperament. You should have certain understanding to why your partner behaves the way he does. If he is an introvert, then, be ready to entertain mood swings without getting offended. And never react to certain situations without proper elucidation. Learn from my case. Think before you act.
Most importantly, don’t accept what you will not accept. This means that you should never assume that your partner will change without you telling her to change. She will think you love her the way she is, if you don’t mention it to her. Issues arise from several assumptions; men thinking their girlfriends will not change (in shape) and women thinking their boyfriends will change ( in habits). Yet, don’t force a thing on your partner. Allow him or her to reason it out
To men out there, always make your woman comfortable around you by making her feel special because she is. You can use pet names if she likes them. Make her your best friend and do not hesitate opening up to her. Do not keep secrets. It will be terrible for her to discover something about you from someone else. It will be heartbreaking and very painful. Others call it cheating or side chick and boo, don’t double date. Do proper introduction to your friends and acquaintances so that she wouldn’t feel like a piece of furniture.
Finally, there is a great need for the God-factor. Relationships remain the way we build them, there is nothing miraculous without a deliberate effort. If the foundation is faulty, there is little to be done. But no matter where you are in your relationship. You can still build it. But if you discover that it’s not working out, please, it’s not a do or die affair. Do not remain as a co-founder of a pointless, baseless and clueless relationship. Do not wait for him to take a bow and break your heart, you can simply make a curtsy.