Live life

Our lives are reflections of the world around us. Have you ever thought about why some people behave in a certain manner? Have you imagined reactions you get from your close associates to be a result of their lives’ contradictions?. 

Life is multifaceted, always showcasing two contrary pictures at once. Life gives wealth and poverty, it gives happiness and sadness. Whichever side you are on,  learn its tricks and apply it wisely. Remember that you can always navigate to your desired position no matter where you’re currently situated. 

Often times, we beat ourselves too much and deny us an opportunity to revisit the deadliest parts of our core existence. We cover up things that we are supposed to open up, hereby losing out on another chance to live life to the fullest. 

We are not oblivious of the drama of life, but remain shaken about mastering it. What happens to you happens to others too. You are never alone. For your burdens, share and be light, but keep and remain heavy.

There are two questions to ask: 

  • One, what is the problem? and 
  • Two,  what can I do about it? 

You will need to identify the problem and outline possible solutions and how to go achieving them. Next on agenda is to watch out for possible outcomes and not to worry. 

Life is for those who chose to live it. irrespective of what you’re going through, don’t give up yet. Live life. 

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